Take control of your recovery with help from experts.

Be empowered to recover from your muscle or joint issue with custom support and helpful tools!

About the program

The EmpoweredDecisions!™ program was built by experts who have spent their careers observing and using the best data about muscle and joint health issues and the best types of care.

Our licensed physical therapists are here to help you take charge of your recovery.

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Virtual Physical Therapists Are Here To Help You

Get support for your muscle or joint issue

Our Physical Therapists are licensed and credentialed. They offer proper care to help and heal from your muscle or joint issue and can help with:

  • Healing from knee or hip surgery
  • Low back pain & injury
  • Sprain and strain to arm, leg, or spine
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Healing from Shoulder Surgery
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A custom physical therapy plan for you

There is no quick fix for all people.

Finding the care that's best for you means helping you to pinpoint the rehab exercises, motions, and actions that routinely help you move and control your pain.

We will help you carry out a custom care plan with the right items that meet your needs and choices. By listening to your feedback and observing your progress, we will alter and improve your care for as long as you're in the program.

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Move safely and track activity

Safe movement and careful exercises are vital for healing. Your virtual physical therapist will help find safe movements that can help make a lasting change in your progress.

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The mind and body connection

Healing isn't just about your body - it's also mental. If the mind builds up a fear of movement or pain and other harmful thoughts, these thoughts and painful feelings can grow.

Our thought-reframing and mindfulness exercises are based on proven techniques. They can help you point out, rebuild, and reset the way your mind views pain.

A coach is on hand to help you stay on track with the steps given by your virtual physical therapist.

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What our members are saying

I stopped chasing a magic bullet for pain and am learning now to live well with pain.
- Barbara, 52
I know now how to move safely and take care of myself.
- Leslie, 47
I wasn't a believer in something like this but it has really made a difference.
- David, 58
I went from only being able to walk 500 steps, to an average of 2,500 steps a day, without pain!
- Ann, 56

Quotes from actual participants. The participant information has been de-identified to protect confidentiality.

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